Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time to blog...

Somehow my writing/blogging frequency has come down a lot. The script that I started almost a year back is still on hold... I don't remember the last time I came up with something creative; and I promised to give a short story to my friend which I couldn't keep up. It's not intentional or voluntary; but it just happened. When the mind doesn't hit equilibrium no matter how many years you have; you just can't think in a creative fashion.

Until December, work was my priority and then came the welcome break - my vacation. Though it was the busiest I could fathom, keeping me busy every moment and in fact cutting down my online access a lot; for the first time ever in these three years, I'm missing India so much. Somehow, being in my apartment, sitting on the same couch I sat on, a month back is now feeling strange. For the first time in two years I'm feeling lonely; but I'm in no mood to even step out of my apartment. Everything seems just so meaningless and my mind remains turbulent all through the day and even when I sleep. Simple things sound complex, everything seems to be irritating and even movies sound disinteresting! I just hope and pray that I'm out of this phase pretty soon.