Friday, October 31, 2008

It was a 'novel' time

At last I'm back to blogging after a short break. I neither out of topics nor the zeal to blog; but I had been spending quite a lot of time on writing... Yes! I was attempting to write something that resembles a novel and came up with the first draft of one that is similar (in size) to the short Tamizh novels written by authors like Rajesh Kumar or Subhaa.

It was more of a trial, a venture and an assessment; and right now I've left the judges and the jury my parents and my friends who else :)) to rate it. Let me see how I score... For people who might be interested in knowing what the novel is about (if there are any :D), I'm posting the prologue below...

Sridhar was all alone in the 500 sq ft Kashmiri granite floored bedroom, lavishly decorated with teak wood carvings and Belgian glass. Mona Lisa on the northern wall was wondering if she should smile; while Shanthi was laughing out loud with Sridhar before the Eiffel tower, on the southern wall. The eastern side of the room had a broad teak window mounted with sliding, sound-proof glass doors. The shine along the edges of its blinds spoke of their origin and quality and on the north western side of the window was a giant rosewood cot that carried a couple of cozy queen size beds dressed in brick red silk. Sridhar was introducing wrinkles along the face of the red beauty as he collapsed on it; but he was hardly in any mood to note how odd it looked on the silky surface. He was panting and the centralized air conditioner couldn’t prevent the sweat rolling down his forehead or the tears rolling down his cheeks. “How could Shanthi do this to me?” “What made her do this?” “Where did she go?” “What should I forgive her for?” “How am I going to find her?” “How am I going to answer her parents?” – A million questions bombarded his mind before he could fully understand the situation. The tear soaked letter was orphaned on the dressing table like a piece of a Nuke’s shell lying astray after the explosion. It read

Please forgive me. I’ll always love you.


Friday, October 10, 2008

An infinitely definite journey!

The journey seems long
Perhaps, I'm wrong.

Some of us cry
Some of us smile...

An illusion of time
Or a delusion of difference

I know not
What He thought!

Friends so dear
Push us to the rear

Bringing us near
The person in the rear

Faces, they change
As do the names

Lies change seldom
And I sense boredom

It often leaves me thinking
If love's really shrinking

In this infinitely definite journey
To a destination unknown!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Chaos theory

September 2008:

Me: I'm planning to quit the company

Manager: But you were onsite... Why don't you go back there and quit?

Me: I would've if my visa was not cancelled by the embassy.

Manager: What happened?

Me: Got my new Visa through another company and as per policy the embassy cancelled it.

Manager: Any way you can take back this resignation.

Me: Yes. If I can get 20K more per year but I'm sure that is not practically feasible.

Manager: Ok. I'll talk to the onsite team and get back to you.

September 2006:

Manager: Hey! We are getting a new account in New Jersey and I feel we should be having young and dynamic chaps like you in it.

Me: Is it a long term opening?

Manager: Initially you need to be there for a KT and once you are back, you need to setup the team and go back to NJ.

Me: I'm fine with it as long as it a long term opportunity.

July 2008:

Me: I'm f'ed up with this work. I mean I get nothing out of it!

Friend: You have to decide what is good and what is bad for you! If you think this is not for you, then you have to make a decision.


Me (In an email): Dear sir, I just wanted to know if I would be able to proceed with the offer that I got back in 2006. Thanks!

Reply: Yes, of course!

December 2006:

Me: You said I had a long term opening here. Now it has been announced that none of them would be released or sent onsite. Moreover the KT I got is incomplete and I'm left unsupported.

Manager: These are management decisions. I can't do much about it.


Friend: There is an ad in Hindu Opportunities today. Looks like there is a company that sponsors H1 visa for candidates selected in a tech interview.

Group: Wow! That's good news... Let's try our luck (everyone busy clicking)

May 2008:

Friend & Manager (1) : Hey! Heard you are getting released from your project. There is a wonderful opening for you in Virginia. You need to lead a team of 8 onsite. Will keep you posted!

Me: Thanks! Would be delighted to take it up.


Friend & Manager (2): Hey! Heard you are getting released from your project. There is a wonderful opening for you in Boston. It'll be hectic but very interesting. You would be working on RFPs and architectures. Will keep you posted!

Me: Thanks! Please let me know once things are finalized.


Friend & Manager (3): Hey! Heard you are getting released from your project. There is a long term onsite coordinator (prod support) opening in California. Would you be interested?

Me: Not really. I heard of better roles from others.

Friend & Manager (3): Is anything confiemd yet?

Me: No! But...

Friend & Manager (3): You just attend the client interview for this project and then you can choose between your options...

Me: Fine...


Friend & Manager (4): Hey! Heard you are getting released from your project. I've put you in a long term development assignment in Ohio!

Me: Thanks :)


Friend & Manager (3): Hey! You have been allocated into the California project.

Me: But I heard I was about to go to Ohio.

Friend & Manager (3): No. Your allocation has been finalized and I'll sort out the differences if any.

Me: (?!) Okay!

February 2007:

Interviewer: I'm thoroughly impressed. Please wait to collect your offer letter.

Me: Thank you very much.

October 2007:

Email: Congratulations. Your H1 petition has been approved. The petition number is xxxxxx.

Me: :)

April 2007:

Manager: What are you expecting to get your resignation back?

Me: Simple. A long term onsite opprtunity. That's all I'm asking.

Manager: Ok. You'll be travelling to Florida this month. Be ready to fly.

Me: I believe there is no confusion this time.

Manager: You got to trust somebody! :)

October 2008:

Me (In an email): Today is my last day at the company and I'd like to thank...

Me (To self): Should blog about this!